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Do animals suffer from Gigantism ?

Yes. Animals can suffer from gigantism , acromegaly and may other endocrine disorders. These disorders stem due to abnormal levels of hormones, particularly growth hormones associated with the pituitary gland. The conditions are usually hereditary in families.

Some reasons why gigantism and other disorders aren’t reported in case of animals is that domestic animals with such impairments might not be allowed to breed and let the conditions pass to future generations. Animals might even die of abnormal hormone levels.

The existence of ‘liger’ (a cross between lion and tiger) as a reported case of gigantism in animals can be debated upon since ligers are larger than both lions and tigers. However, it has been studied that ligers are abnormally large due to a difference in utero-hormone levels that cause growth.

Similarly, tigons (another cross between tigers and lions) are smaller than any of their parent species for much the same reason.

Since neither ligers nor tigers are different in size from the norm of their species, they cannot precisely be called as suffering from gigantism or dwarfism.




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