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Life without internet : Which one internet luxury will you miss the most?

Roti , Kapada aur Makaan….  might have been the basic necessities of life in the 70’s. Now it’s the age of Roti,Kapda aur Internet  (and if you are inspired by Sunny Leone ,then Congrats!! you could easily survive without the ‘Kapda’ )

From ‘Home is where the heart is’ to ‘ Home is where the WiFi connects automatically, we’ve moved ahead a great deal.

Saying Internet is an integral part of our life will be  an understatement. Infact for a 21st century youth, internet is a synonym for life.But we dare you to imagine a world without internet.

A world where Amazon is just a river in South America,where you can’t ‘Hike Up Your life’ on your cell phone,where twitter is just an onomatopoeia for bird vocalisation,where U(You)-tube is just some lab apparatus.

Which one Internet Application will you miss the most?And why?

  • Will it be Facebook? Because if it were not facebook then-
  • How would have the selfie culture come up without facebook?
  • How would you have stalked your crush online and got to know her relationship status?
  • How would you have remembered birthdays of friends you don’t even remember?
  • Where in the world would you have a perfect Life then? Who would ‘LIKE’ it?



What about Wikipedia ?

Don’t you think that the usage of CTRL+C  and CTRL+V would have dropped by a minimum of 70% in case we didn’t have this online giant encyclopedia?.How would you have accessed information about the world then?How would you have done your research and made a project?

Sounds like going back to an era of prehistoric googling in the Libraries.

What about that naughty ,banned and unethical thing which has attracted boys all over the world (and even some girls).

Hold your dirty minds. It’s Torrent we’re speaking of.

Though it is illegal but that’s one of the major thing that gets life going in tough times.Games,files,movies- torrent has it all.It helps us survive.




There are numerous other internet services without which life seems incomplete and inconvenient. You wouldn’t have got a chance to answer our Toughest Questions and win $10  without the internet. But since you are reading this article we assume you have internet.So be grateful to God and try to think of one such net luxury  you will miss  the most and why?

You can be as crazy  or as logical as you wish to be.

Get started. Let us know in the comments below. 

And Lord save the internet. And our lives.

Written by : Arnav Saxena




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